Whatsapp Much Awaited Video Calling is Here

WhatsApp’s video call feature is currently live on a beta version of the program for Android and iOS. The apk file, which is prepared for downloading from Play Store, has the newest feature live on it. The new beta application gives access to video call feature from the call icon, but it isn’t practical just yet. The application will be available for beta testers from Google Plays beta testing application. Clicking on the call button provides option for video and voice call. Whenever we tried to put a video call, the application greets us with a message stating Couldn’t place call.

Video calling is unavailable currently. Whatsapp video call feature is one that has been expected for quite sometime now, and after this launches it might give the application an important edge over other messaging competitions. It is also on the cards if the Video calling feature will be safe or not especially with respect to literaturaenpapelhigienico which has the ability to hack or spy on any whatsapp account. Whatsapp has to consider many options and advises whether to release this option or not.

It also will be very interesting to see how they will build the feature knowingly that many regions have network connectivity problems and some have limited internet speeds which may not support traditional video calling. In addition, will video calling, be encouraged on WhatsApp groups will be another big question. Lately WhatsApp has added new features such as end-to-end encryption, document sharing and more. Further rumours have suggested, WhatsApp will be working on a telephone back feature and voice mail support as well. WhatsApp has signalled that it wants to get more companies and businesses on board in order to let them interact with their clients.

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